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Master Esthetician Kathie Conn Boosts Client Confidence And Success Through Improving And Maintaining Healthy Skin.

Businesswoman Kathie Conn makes it her goal to improve her clients’ lives by enhancing and beautifying their skin. A master esthetician, Conn is well-versed in the benefits of healthy skin and her clients are reaping the rewards.



Kathie Conn

Kathie Conn, of Skin Sense ~love your face…get a facial! ( is a master esthetician with a passion for helping clients put their best faces forward.

A noted skin-care expert, Conn, based in Montclair, Virginia, is personally invested in helping clients take good care of their skin. With proper attention and skin care techniques, their natural gifts shine through.

By keeping up with the latest techniques and trends in beauty and skincare, Conn is able to give her clients personalized care, including facials, hair removal, product recommendations, and specialized treatments that benefit the skin.

While some may hesitate before booking their first appointment with Conn, if her rapidly growing roster of over 100 clients is any indication, that resistance is fleeting at best.

“I had a client who had never had a facial. She was ready to step into a new experience. At first she was a bit nervous but the cleansing and the skin typing she felt safer,” Conn says. “When it was time for the facial massage within a few minutes all I heard was snoring. She woke up twenty minutes later and could not believe the service was over and she felt so relaxed.”

Healthier skin and practicing good self-care bring Conn’s clients more than a glowing complexion. Conn’s techniques, regimens, and special services help her clients gain an inner glow as well.

“I love working with the skin and seeing how each client is amazed by the process. It was painless, comforting and they felt the difference immediately,” Conn says. “They have a brighter, softer complexion. Best part they feel good about themselves. That brings me joy!”

Licensed and insured, Conn makes it a practice to listen to her clients and respond to their needs by providing educational materials on their individual skin concerns, recommending products to help rejuvenate and maintain healthy living skin, creating a custom skin care regimen, and developing an individualized plan for healthy skin care success.

Conn’s commitment to helping others look and feel their best means that she is constantly pursuing new professional certifications and looking to master new techniques. She is a PCA Professional Skin Chemical Peel Professional and an Alexandria Professional Sugaring, Oncology trained esthetician. In addition, she has served her community as a facilitator of Death Café Northern Virginia workshops.

“When clients begin to like themselves because they have the knowledge to really take care of their skin its empowering,” Conn says. “They like what they see in the mirror and they smile. Can’t get better than that.”

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