I’ve had numerous massages and facials from very high end spas and this was, by far, the best I’ve ever had!  First of all, Kathie has such a wealth of knowledge about anatomy and physiology, natural remedies, current products on the market, and truth in advertising.  She caters to each individual and spends the time making sure you walk away looking great, feeling great, and are more knowledgeable about how to best take care of your skin.  On my most recent visit, I got the works.  Kathie is the only person in the state of Virginia who uses sugaring for hair removal, and it’s awesome.  It is kind of like waxing without the heat or irritation on your skin.  In the process you also get a little exfoliation too (bonus!).  It was so cool, I wanted her to do my whole body (maybe on the next visit).  Kathie measured the hydration level in my face, exfoliated away all the gross dead skin, moisturized me up, and even got rid of all of my blemishes.  She has this cool argon tool that literally took some huge zits and made them go away in less than a day.  For each step, Kathie talked to me about my skin and simple ways that I can improve it at home.  She also had great suggestions on products (that she doesn’t get a cut from) on the market that will help in the long term.  We also had a whole fascinating conversation about sunscreen that blew my mind.  Did I mention that she gives a massage to top it all off?  I walked away looking better than ever and not needing a DROP of makeup for the whole day.  My fiancé didn’t know that I had the appointment and when I came home he asked what I did that today because I was glowing.– Rachel O.
Without a doubt the best facial I have ever had with the most knowledgeable esthetician I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.– Kathleen P.
Kathie is educated and passionate about skin care and very friendly.  I have had a lot of facials and Kathie’s are by far the best!  She gives you a lot of budget-friendly tips for taking care of your skin and doesn’t push her products.  She has actually discouraged me regarding certain products saying that I’ve asked about, stating flat-out I don’t need them yet at my age.  Her sugar-removal process is amazing and so much less painful than waxing, without the ingrown bumps or irritated and red skin.  It lasts much longer too!  Relaxing environment and awesome results, I have been there a few times and have had consistently great experiences.– Heidi E.
Kathie is wonderful and excellent in all of her services!  I receive so many compliments on my skin because of her.  I love her honesty, which that is why I only go to her.  She does my facials and sugaring…She gives me great tips on keeping my skin glowing and less fatigue…I wasted so many products on my skin. Because of Kathie I am now well-educated on the products that I know are big scam.  I am always sad when the service is over because of the great results.  I am always excited going for a visit.– Mariam H.